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Food Biotechnology

1. Introduction:

    The Centre for Plant Molecular Biology (CPMB) was established as a separate Directorate of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore in the year 1990. The Department of Plant Molecular Biology was established as a unit of the then erstwhile School of Genetics from 1988 and brought under CPMB in 1990 as an independent Department. The Biotechnology Department is already offering M.Sc. Biotechnology programme from the year 1988 and M.Sc. Bioinformatics from 2004. The Department is also giving training to different persons depending upon their need. It is offering a PG Diploma in Food Biotechnology through Open and Distance Learning with a view to take the fruits of Biotechnology to the common man



   The programme has been initiated to promote entrepreneurship development and commercial orientation to prospective learners in the field of Food Biotechnology.

3.      Duration:

                           One year (Two Semesters)

4.              Eligibility:

                        Any degree in Life Sciences/Biological Science

5.            Medium of instruction:


6.     Programme:

                     6.1. Courses offered


I Semester

1.   Molecular Biology

2.   Food Microbiology

3.   Food and Nutritional Chemistry

4.   Practical I


II Semester

5.   Genetic Engineering

6.   Food Processing

7.   Economics of Food Processing and Marketing

8.   Practical II

7. Study material:

          Study materials will be supplied for each course.

8   Assignment:

            One assignment will be given for each course including practicals and will be evaluated for 30 marks.


9.  personal contact programme:

 9. A. Practical

Practical classes will be arranged for a period of 5 days continuously at Coimbatore. 


9. B. Theory

            The theory class will be arranged for 10 days in 5 blocks of each 2 days during each semester. Classes will be conducted for 8 hrs per day and each course will be covered in 16 hrs. A minimum attendance of 60% is compulsory for personal contact programme and for practical classes


Final theory examination will be for a duration of three hours and carries 70 marks.  A minimum of 15 marks in the Assignment and 35 marks in the final examination has to be secured by the students for each course separately for passing. Final Practical Examination will be for a duration of 6 hours and carries marks as detailed below. 


Major experiment              :          25 Marks

Minor experiment                    :  15

Viva voce                                :  10

Record notebook                    :  10

Epitome/Procedure                :   10

            Total                            :    70

 Maximum marks                    :    100

Minimum marks for pass        :     50

I class                          :     60% and above

                       II class                           :      50 to 59%


11. Fee structure:


           An amount of Rs. 13,750/- will be charged per semester as fees along with other fees as levied by the University from time to time.