Courses offered at graduate and post graduate level for various degree programmes

  Sl.No.      Course No.Course Title Credit Hours Degree
1RSG 251Remote Sensing and GIS in Environmental Applications2+1 B.Tech (EEE)
2RSG 351Geographical Information System and its applications in agriculture2+1B.Tech. (AIT)
3RSG 352Remote Sensing and its application in agriculture2+1B.Tech. (AIT)
4SAC 510Remote Sensing and GIS techniques for soil, water and crop studies2+1PG 
5SAC 612Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System 2+1 Ph.D.

Courses offered for M.Tech. (Ag.) in Geoinformatics

 Sl.No.      Course No.Course Title Credit Hours
1RSG 501Principles of Remote Sensing 2+1
2RSG 502Principles of GIS and GPS    2+1
3RSG 503Thematic Cartography and Photogrammetry2+1
4RSG 504Digital Image Processing2+1
5RSG 505Geostatistics, Spatial Analysis and Modelling2+1
6RSG 506Geoinformatics in Natural Resource Management2+1
 7 RSG 507 GIS Programming and Database Management  2+1