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An Institute of Excellence for Rice

TRRI, TNAU - About the Centre

The Tamil Nadu Rice Research Institute was established in April, 1985 in TNAU to meet the research requirements of the region with the help of existing Agricultural Colleges and Research centres and perform lead function for rice and rice based cropping system research. TRRI coordinate the research programmes of all the stations of the state on rice and rice based cropping system research. This directorate responsible for coordinating research in the Region II of the TNAU 




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Training programme
- Nil-
- Nil -

Seeds and Inputs availabe in TRRI, TNAU, Aduthurai

Rice - ADT 38 - TFl seed - 

Rice - ADT 43 - Foundation seed -

Black gram - Nil

Green Gram - Nil

Pseudomonas - Available

Mushroom spawn - Available

Blue green algae - Avaliable

Azolla - Available

Last update - 21.08.2013

Important Event at TRRI, TNAU, Aduthurai, INDIA

Dr. R. Rajendran
Director, Tamil nadu Rice Research Institute

Tamil Nadu Rice Research Institute, Aduthurai

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